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Summer Hair Tricks


With the weather playing tricks on us this summer, our hair sure can too!

Make sure you don’t forget to pack the most important items in your summer bag to help stay fresh and looking your best in these next few weeks of summer.

First always have a dry shampoo on hand. It absorbs oils and refreshes your style by lifting your hair off the root area. This is great for after a work out, or a long day at work before heading out on the town. Amika Dry Shampoo is one of my favorites, it creates soft texture and removes odors to refresh hair between shampoos.

When getting out of the pool or beach, always remember use a texture spray to help give you loose waves, a great beachy air dried look. O&M sea salt spray is my first choice, and you can even use it to help give your hair a loose hold on humid or muggy days.

Don’t forget to be selective in your ponytails. Use cloth bands to help keep your hair from getting creases so you can easily slip it out and have your style ready to go anytime! They also help with decreasing breakage that normal ponytails can cause.

Last being the most important! Moisture! Be sure to use a leave in conditioner before getting into a pool. The leave in conditioner acts as a shield to help keep the chlorine from absorbing into your hair. It will also keep your hair moisturizer – from any salt water or the sun from drying out your strands!!!       No knot from O&m is my pick and it has a fresh smell that lasts all day!

Enjoy the next coming weeks of summer! Treat yourself beautifully,  you deserve it!