Beauty Report

beauty reportWe are all anticipating the warmer months coming! The cold and gloomy weather has not helped our skin, hair or our bodies! To help over come the effects of the cold and dry air, please remember to condition yourself! Try my coconut oil treatment in your hair once a week, you can even use it on your skin as well for extra moisture. (See what’s hot) Also, don’t forget your vitamins! Vitamin D will help you feel better from the lack of sunshine. Consult your doctor on the dosage recommended for you. Also taking fish oils and omega 3’s will help moisturize yourself from the inside out. Put some time aside for exercise, regular exercise improves blood flow to your scalp keeping your hair growing healthy and strong. Exercising is also a stress reliever and mood enhancer. Lower stress also means your hair is less likely to become brittle and break during theses winter months. Spring is just around the corner, and nothing can stop us from looking and feeling great now!